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Latest news

Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox: Release of SFS Toolbox 1.0.1
Added by Hagen Wierstorf 10 months ago

Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox: Release of SFS Toolbox 1.0.0
Added by Hagen Wierstorf about 1 year ago

Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox: Release of SFS Toolbox 1.0.0-beta
New 3D version of the Toolbox. The Toolbox works now completely in the 3D space and comes with 2D, 2.5D and 3D driving functions for WFS, NFC-HOA and SDM.
Added by Hagen Wierstorf over 1 year ago

Razor AHRS has moved to GitHub!
Added by Peter Bartz over 1 year ago

Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox: Release of SFS Toolbox 0.2.4
Added by Hagen Wierstorf almost 2 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Justus Testprojekt (2015-04-13 16:15)

  • Database (2014-11-11 20:16)

    This database is part of the Two!Ears Auditory Model

    It contains freely available data ranging from head-related impulse responses up to human quality ratings for different spatial audio systems.
    The data is collected from different sources outside and inside the Two!Ears project....

  • data (2013-11-20 14:52)
  • NeuroTools (2012-10-18 11:16)

    Welcome to the NeuroTools webpage.

    We present software tools for Electroencephalography (EEG). Here you can find an introduction video.

  • Java Google Speech API Client (2012-08-10 11:32)

    The Java Google Speech API Client (JGS API Client) allows the usage of Google's speech api in Java based applications.

    Please download the latest binary release or check out our GIT repository (https://dev.qu.tu-berlin.de/git/jgs_api_client)....