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Razor AHRS has moved to GitHub!
Added by Peter Bartz about 2 years ago

SoundScape Renderer: New Release: SSR 0.3.4
Added by Matthias Geier about 3 years ago

Razor AHRS: Razor AHRS update: v1.4.1
Soft iron magnetometer error compensation and raw sensor output modes.
Added by Peter Bartz over 3 years ago

SoundScape Renderer: New Release: SSR 0.3.3
Check it out: https://dev.qu.tu-berlin.de/projects/ssr/files
Added by Matthias Geier almost 4 years ago

Razor AHRS: C++ library BUGFIX
Linux bugfix
Added by Peter Bartz almost 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Justus Testprojekt (2015-04-13 16:15)

  • Reverb tools (2015-04-01 17:12)

    This project collects implementations of classical algorithms for the creation of artificial reverberation. See the Wiki for ressources.

  • Database (2014-11-11 20:16)

    This database is part of the Two!Ears Auditory Model

    It contains freely available data ranging from head-related impulse responses up to human quality ratings for different spatial audio systems.
    The data is collected from different sources outside and inside the Two!Ears project....

  • Public QU Publications (2014-07-30 09:09)

    QU members' publication which shall be provided to others (e.g., linked in the publication database).
    All files of this projects are accessible from the internet!


  • NeuroTools (2012-10-18 11:16)

    Welcome to the NeuroTools webpage.

    We present software tools for Electroencephalography (EEG). Here you can find an introduction video.