Releases and their Codenames

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All SSR codenames are the names of Keyboard instruments.

Version Codename Description
0.4.0 [Clavichord] Newer versions of the SSR don't have codenames anymore!
0.3.4 Pianoforte Pianoforte is the full name for the piano. Everyone knows that one.
0.3.3 Harpsichord A harpsichord is a keyboard instrument which produces sound by plucking a string when a key is pressed.
0.3.2 Spinet A spinet is a small, often triangular variation of the harpsichord.
0.3.1 Harmonium A harmonium is a free-standing keyboard instrument which produces sound by air, being blown through sets of free reeds.
0.3.0 Keytar A keytar is a keyboard that is supported like a guitar by a strap around the neck and shoulders.


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